Best Places To Go To Get Free Makeup

Here are the top 3 places you suggest you go to get all the free makeup you can handle!

#1. Internet Forums! - Go online and figure out the best internet for makeup. There are communities online that are dedicated to makeup tips and suggestions. These forums and communities are also the first to find free makeup online, and companies that are giving away free samples.

#2. Go directly to the stores - Many people think that the only place to get free makeup samples is at the cosmetic counters at department stores. While it is true that they are amount the best places to get  free makeup, and the newest products, it’s certainly not the only place. Stores like wal-mart and target often have ‘free sample’ give away days. You can call the stores a head of time and ask them which products they are giving and one which days they are doing the give aways. They will be more then happy to tell you because they want you to come into their store in the hopes that you will spend money with them!

#3. Mary Kay, Avon, Arbonne sellers – Contact a local seller or representative of any of these companies and you will  be pleased to find that they all are more then happy to send you free samples. This is because they hope you will try the products and love them – then at a later date purchase the product from them. Most of these representatives have bags and bags of free makeup samples AND free products that they will gladly share with you with no obligation to buy.



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